About Studio

O’CHIC STUDIO offers an exclusive shopping experience and diverse range of personal image styling services for individuals, groups.

Our History


"Perhaps it's my way to help people to find the truth in beauty ..." - Olessya Assimova


Over a decade in the fashion industry – that is O'CHIC STUDIO professional background, founded by Olessya Assimova a forward-thinking fashion insider with bright experience in image consulting and celebrity styling. After working with clients and various media in different parts of the world, she settled down in Barcelona, where she was so inspired, she launched an ambitious project: O’CHIC STUDIO, a place where one can transform his/her style, who are not afraid to overstep the limits and make changes. 




Our Expertise


“It’s never been so easy to feel beautiful.” - O'CHIC STUDIO

It would be impossible to live out our passion without our clients. So, client happiness is the main aim that drives us. We know that in order to achieve this, we have to take into account the individual needs of every client. We, therefore, offer a diverse range of personal image styling services to allow us to cater for differing needs and wants.




Our Commitment


We collaborate only with highly talented professionals in all projects.

It goes without saying that client satisfaction is our number one priority. We believe the best way to achieve this is by granting our team creative freedom and room to innovate. Such a creative, animated atmosphere brings out the best in our team and helps them go beyond the expectations of our clients. 



Av.Diagonal 409,

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