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A customized experience styled to perfection with personal attention.

O'CHIC STUDIO defines who you are and who you aspire to be from the inside, transforming your physical image so that it successfully broadcasts the essence of the brand "YOU" to the outside world.


"I wanted a wardrobe renovation and what I got was not only wardrobe help but help in learning how to dress and style for myself. Olessya Assimova taught me to be a better shopper and pick flattering things for my body and color type. My only sadness is not having used her service sooner! Beauty comes from within Olessya and you are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing you amazing talent with me."

- Kristine -

"Having spent a lot of time with Olessya last spring, I highly recommend her services to everyone! She has a great eye for style and is great at honing in on what your personal tastesa are, while at the same time guiding you toward the most flattering colors and cuts for your figure. I have never in my life felt more stylish or confident when shopping as I do since taking her class and shopping with her!"

- Julia -

"I took part of Olessya's style class about a year ago. That was the best style class I have ever attented. Olessya is extremely passionate about her work and it shows in her professional attitude and approach to everything she does. I learned a lot about my colors and style and have used that knowledge successfully ever since. I would highly recommend Olessya if you are considering someone to help you with your fashion sense."

- Kaisu -

"I take Olessya’s suggestions with me whenever I am shopping! I have found her to be a great resource for impromptu style questions as well. She puts a lot of thought into choosing outfit components that will compliment my coloring, shape, and style the best. Olessya always looks beautiful and stylish; she is an inspiration to women and a reminder that we should always strive to look our best!"

 - Meghan -

photo by Artyom Schwemmer



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